White lines through scans on HP 4500 MFP Designjet printer


1st Call 4 Service visited customer in London with a HP 4500 MFP Designjet printer.

  • White lines through scans
  • Not printing to the printer from the scanner pc
  • Not able to complete scan maintenance
  • faint bands through print
  • paper slipping within scanner
  • Customer not able to select roll 1 or roll 2 through the scanner PC Roll 1 = Gloss, roll 2 = Coated

Various issues were fixed on the below comments:

  1. Started off by cleaning the glass, mirrors and feed rollers so calibration sheet would feed in/out for the scan maintenance.
  2. Now able to feed calibration sheet in/out, calibrated scanner with scan maintenance routine to completion.  This fixed the issue of white lines within scans.  Faint lines are from when the feed rollers are dirty and make dirty tracks on calibration chart which cause the calibration to affect the cameras within the scanner to produce them within each scan, customer to replace chart or try a white sheet of paper over the white reference on chart to see if this will take faint lines away when calibrating.
  3. Not printing: found that the network cable on scanner pc was not networked due to fault with socket in the wall, found other socket which was working and from dos pinged scanner and printer.  The printer had lost communication due to issue, re-installed driver on scanner pc test print ok.
  4. Selecting roll 1 or 2:  found when customer was trying to print jobs from file that could not slect roll 1 or 2?  shown customer to go to copy field first, select coated or gloss media then go back to print field then print, there is no option in print field.  Then tested this live with printing same job on gloss and then coated media and the printer swopped between roll 1 and 2 all ok.

Time onsite was 4 hours,  customer to advise on white ref of calibration sheet if white paper replacement fixes this issue.

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2 Responses to White lines through scans on HP 4500 MFP Designjet printer

  1. Hi Simon,

    Everything is working well now, thank you very much. The engineer sorted all three problems out. There was a problem with the calibration sheet and he suggested covering the marked area with a sheet of white paper, this worked perfectly – could you let him know?

    Many thanks again for getting the engineer to us so quickly.

    Kind regards


  2. Alessandra Machado says:

    Onde posso encontrar a folha de calibração do scanner da HP4500. Grata

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