HP 1050c designjet leaking ink from left hand side down side of printer and the left leg of stand

One of the faults the HP 1050c Designjet printer, is that they tend to leak ink for no reason down the left hand side of the printer, from the tube system, where the ink cartridges insert.  The tube is a push-lock fitting, similar to the plastic pipes on a new central heating system.

1st Call 4 Service have had some success by cutting a new end off the existing pipe (about 30mm) then using a syringe to draw the ink through from the carriage end to remove air out of tube system whilst the ink cartridge is inserted.

Due to most of the service calls being some distance away, we tend to replace the Tube System to achieve a successful fix first time preventing leaking of ink onto customer’s carpets and more downtime, hence, we always keep Tube Systems in stock.

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