Error: 79:04 Firmware issue – 1st Call 4 Service from Birmingham, West Midlands, Visited HP Z6100 Designjet in Kent

8th September 2010

1st Call 4 Service visited customer in Kent with Error code 79:04.
The HP Z6100 Designjet, looking at the display, the HP logo and time bar below was booting up, down to 6 then crashing with blue screen and error code 79:04.

The hard drive has become corrupted and not loading the firmware on to the printer.

The only normal way you can reload the firmware, is when the printer has fully loaded to ready state on display or up to diagnostic state with in printer, because of this particular fault, the printer has not reached this point of recovery.  Had to order new hard drive with firmware loaded on, as a part from HP which will take 5 to 10 days! Printer out of action awaiting parts.

Ordered two hard drives, one for call and one for stock! If you get faulty hard drive please contact me for a callout.


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4 Responses to Error: 79:04 Firmware issue – 1st Call 4 Service from Birmingham, West Midlands, Visited HP Z6100 Designjet in Kent

  1. 2x Hard drive are still on order with HP and taking a long time to arrive! We have ordered another hard drive from diffrent supplier to see if arrives sooner? So after job been completed will have 2 x hard drive’s in stock.

    I’ve been ringing around diffrent contacts for this part if any body knows of part I’m needing is in stock any were please help customer is needing the only HP z6100 Designjet back up and running?


  2. Kenneth Konijnenburg says:

    Dear 1stcall4service,

    I don’t know if this is the right place to put this question but i’m gonna do it anyway.

    I work at a company in Holland and i have the HPZ6100 printer. The following error occures when i want to print an TIFF file through the HP Utility program; 79-04.

    I have to restart the printer and then wait for it to reboot completely and then i can print 1 file though the job queue on the printer display,when i order it to print the file that earlier has given the error code,it prints without any problems. But the whole rebooting process is very annoying when you have a busy schedule.

    Can you help me fix this error? Or tell me what the error code means?

    Thank you very much.

    Kenneth Konijnenburg
    Mes Repro BV
    Capelle aan den IJssel, Netherlands

    • Hi Kenneth

      It looks to be the file might be faulty? Try another file (.tiff, pdf or .jpeg) if still having problems, upgrade your firmware from web browser, just put the printer ip address into address bar of browser. click on setting and f/w link down left and side.


  3. Kenneth Konijnenburg says:

    Dear Les,

    The strange thing about the error is that the order begins to print but when it is almost finished,with about 4 sec to print,it gives the error and i must restart it all over,so the file seems to be ok? Can this be a Firmware problem?


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