What to do when the system error 81:01 maybe 41:10 aswell is displayed during media loading on HP Z6100 Designjet printer


1st Call 4 Service help one of his customers HP Z6100 Designjet printer over the phone with 81.01 error!

The 81.01 or 41.10 system error could be displayed while performing the Paper media loading process, the error occurs as the media backs out of the media path and when the OMAS LED is blinking. The error message is actually displayed because the media has been stopped in an unrecognized/unknown position.
To determine if the 81.01 system error is being displayed because of the issue described above, perform the following procedure:
1. Unload the media from the printer
2. Disable OMAS Sensor: This is done from the “Service Utilities” menu. To enter the „Service Utilities‟ go to the Setup Menu and press Down + Cancel at same time.
Select Service Utilities Menu> Select Diagnostic Print> Select Others> Select Paper Advance Sensor> Disable the OMAS Sensor.
3. Load the media.
If  able to load the media successfully when the OMAS sensor is disabled, this would indicate the printer has the issue already explained above therefore apply the solution listed below.
Note: If the media still does not load and the system error continues to be displayed when the OMAS has been disabled, perform the standard troubleshooting from the Manual or call for service.
Download new firmware version release (Version 10 or above) from www.hp.co.uk, browse the printer web browser to upload the new firmware.

If this fixes your issue let 1st Call 4 Service Know? Thank you!

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