Unable to print to your HP Designjet Printer. Help from 1st Call 4 Service Ltd.

1st Call 4 Service helping with steps for when unable to print to your HP Designjet printer from Windows OS:

  1. Click on windows Start button bottom left
  2.  Click on run button program (same as hot keys on key board “windows key” and “R Key” together)
  3. this will start the run program!
  4. Type CMD and press OK button.
  5. This will bring the black DOS screen up.
  6. Type PING than one space then The TCP/IP address from the HP Designjet Printer and press enter.
  7. You will either TIME OUT or get a REPLY?
  8. REPLY: means that your HP Designjet Printer is working over network and your print drive or RIP is not setup right.
  9. TIME OUT: means that you have a network cable problem between pc, router or jetdirect card on Designjet printer.

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Welcome to 1st Call 4 Service HP Designjet Wide Format Digital Blog site. We provid Sales - Maintenance - Servicing and Repair 1st Call 4 Service are based in Birmingham, Midlands providing a UK-wide servicing company specialising in the repair, serviced and maintenance of digital large format printers. We were established in 2003 and have grown to become a brand synonymous with affordability and professional service. As part of our ongoing commitment we have now created a new website to provide our existing customers and new prospects a highly informative website enabling you to get the best possible solution at an affordable price. Sale: Designjet printers - Consumables - inks - Media
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