Colour Sensor ESP (Spectrophotometer) Q6651-60271 HP Z6100 Z6200 L25500 L26500 Designjet Error Code: 58:10

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Colour Sensor ESP (Spectrophotometer)

Part Number:
Q5669-60684   /   Q6651-60271

Color Sensor ESP (Spectrophotometer) Q6651-60271 1stCall4Service Birmingham West Midlands HP Z6100 Z6200 L25500 L26500 Designjet


SOL Spectrophotometer:

 – SOL is a colour sensor and it is placed in the left side of the Carriage Assemble.  The main function of SOL is to measure colour samples that have been printed on the loaded media and are placed on the print platen zone.

– Before taking any colour measurement, SOL must be initialized. The SOL initialization process lasts for about 7min. This process consists of 3 steps: sensor switch on, sensor warm up and sensor calibration.

– When the initialization has been completed, the shutter is opened automatically and the Carriage Assemble is moved along the scan axis to place SOL on top of each sample to take a colour measurement. After the measurements, the shutter is closed again and the Colour sensor is switched off.

– SOL is used for colour calibrations in printer. The colour calibration process consists on printing a colour pattern, scanning the printed pattern using SOL and finally some internal algorithms adjust printer colours taking into account the obtained data.

Error code: 58:10 – Problem with the Color Sensor:

An error detected with the Color Sensor.
Corrective Action:
• Switch the Power OFF from the back of the Printer and disconnect the Power cord. Reconnect the power cord and power On the Printer.
• Check that the Printer has the latest Firmware version, if not, update the firmware to the latest version.
• Replace the Colour Sensor


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We believe that our brand knowledge, attention to detail and dedication to customer service sets us apart from other companies.  Today 1st Call 4 Service have over 700 plotters under service contracts from over 600 companies making us one of the leading independent suppliers of repair servicing and maintenance contracts in the UK.

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