HP 1050c Designjet keeps asking to replace the black printhead in Nottingham

4/8/2010: 1st Call 4 Service Visted to Serviced HP 1050c Designjet in Nottingham due to constant request to “replace black printhead”. When customer contacted us, we advised how to fix this issue, but they asked for a service on the printer so we were able to show the customer the reason for the problem on site. We replaced the carriage belt due to being worn and which would have failed within 6 months of visit. The reason the HP 1050c Designjet kept asking to “replace black printhead” was due to build up of ink on the sponge of the printhead cleaner which comes with the printhead before you ask it is not the black cleaner as you know you changed that with the black printhead and there is no sponge in black cleaner! No it is normally the Magenta cleaner but it also could be the Cyan or Yellow due to age of the printhead in printer. What has happened is the printer will clean the black printhead then due to it being the last printhead to the right of the carriage, it has to pass over the Cyan, Yellow and Magenta cleaners to get to drop detect sensor which will check each printhead condition and go off and recover them, this means that the black printhead has to go over the 3 other cleaners again then after keep trying to recover the HP 1050c Designjet printer will ask to replace the black printhead! If this happens don’t replace the black printhead just go through the motions of replacing the printhead by pulling out printhead then back in, when you get to the stage of “ASKING TO OPEN RIGHT HAND DOOR” check all printhead cleaners for mound of ink on sponge of one of the cleaners, it is best to replace the printhead and cleaner for that colour!!  If you have no printhead for that colour then dig the sponge out until the new printhead arrives. HP know of this problem and on the Magenta you will notice that the sponge has slatted in the sponge to help the old ink to absorb into the chamber better.  Think the Magenta gets problem more due to being next to black and the pigment of the black is different to the other colours causing cross contamination and the sliced sponge is a cross between the black and colour cleaner. Les 1st Call 4 Service Ltd has over 28 years of experience in the sale, repair and maintenance of HP Designjet Servicing on Large Format Printers and provides a UK-wide call out serviced.   We believe that our brand knowledge, attention to detail and dedication to customer service sets us apart from other companies.  Today 1st Call 4 Service have over 700 plotters under service contracts from over 600 companies making us one of the leading independent suppliers of repair servicing and maintenance contracts in the UK.

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5 Responses to HP 1050c Designjet keeps asking to replace the black printhead in Nottingham

  1. Rick says:

    Just remember if you go through the process of telling the printer that you are replacing printhead but then just reseat the printhead. The printer will ask for the printhead cleaner to be replaced. On the front lip of each ph cleaner (when new) a blank white strip of tape is in place. This tape will have a black rectangular block printed when printer has assessed the cleaner to be new. If you reseat the ph and don’t have a new cleaner you must cover that black rectangular block with a piece of paper and tape…make sure the tape is not in the printed block path. You also could use white out tape…may need to use 2 strips of tape as the 1st strip may be too transparent. If you just want to clean out the printhead cleaners or observe them…do this instead- Turn off power to printer via control panel. Physically open the door to the printhead cleaners. Pull the PH cleaner tray forward and remove select cleaners. Clean out any ink build up into a garbage can that has a bag…this ink is still very wet and will cause staining on any carpeting. (clean with any aqueous cleaner…Simple green works great) Re-insert PH cleaners and perform a PH recovery. This way you do not have to attempt to fool the printer in performing a false PH replacement and don’t have to mess around with taping over the PH cleaner printed area.
    Hope this makes sense?

  2. Rick says:

    One more note…the reason the Magenta cleaner and other colors…more so the Magenta builds up in the ph cleaner spittoon sponge is because Magenta in all printers has a larger pigment base to the ink. Les is right about the black printhead being clogged due to the previous cleaners being mounded up with ink but the root cause is because the spittoon pads in the C, M and Y cleaners don’t really obsorb the ink for long enough time before they clog and cause the mounding of ink in the Magenta cleaner mostly. Have witnessed the Y cleaner more than the Cyan. Cleaning the cleaners out fully with a plastic spoon works best…even removing the filter in the cleaner spittoon area is not a bad temporary fix either.

  3. Jeffrey Utter says:

    We have the HP 4000ps. It was showing printhead error#5. We replaced all printheads and cleaners. For a while it worked, but a few hours later the same error came up.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    • Hi

      If Printhead #5 is the same fault? You might have air in that ink line causing the head to fail after short time, have a look at printhead issues on HP 5000 designjet I have made a you tube video how to take air out of line then replace that one printhead again. Sometimes on this model you would get a 24:10 broken bag from air in line?

      Try this let use know how you go?


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